Everyone likes to have a passive income rather than active income. So what is a passive income?

Making money from a website is an excellent way to earn a passive income. Are you still searching for ideas to make a money makings website?

Note:-To earn from a website, you have to work hard at the beginning. You must maintain proper content on your website. No one is there to give money for doing nothing. When you make a website, you have to work hard to rank it. If your site has unique and useful content, the search engine’s algorithms will automatically list your website. Also, you can SEO your website.

Before moving to the topics, I will answer to the main questions that everyone has. You can put a comment if you have questions rather than these.

Do we need coding knowledge to make a website?

The answer is NO. You need zero coding knowledge to make a website. Many sites are there to help you to build a website and customize them. It’s always easy to use them and maintain an excellent website.

What will be the cost to build a website?

It depends on your service provider and the plan you choose. The domain name and a hosting plan are the main things to have when starting a website. You can find the right domain like COM, NET, ORG for a price like 10$-20$ per year and hosting for 5$ per month. There are also some ways to start a site without getting them. But I recommend you to buy a domain and a hosting plan.

How do we earn from a website?

Most people do this by adding ads which provide by different ad sites. This is a common way. Others earn through affiliate marketing. Both methods are trendy and useful. Your income will depend on your niche (website topics), visitors for the websites, CPC, views etc. This is a vast topic to discuss. There are a lot of webpages, blogs, and videos to help you get the knowledge. Don’t wait. Search them

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What are the best website ideas to make money fast?

So we have come to our main topics. It is not hard to select a good website idea, but this is the place that many people get failed. The first thing you have to understand is, do a website on your favorite topic. If you like sports, do a sports website. This is the reason for that. If you start a website on a topic which you don’t like, with the time, you will feel bored, and you will fail at giving the right information to the visitors. That’s why you have to pick up your favorite topic as the niche of the website. So you’ll be able to maintain the site as a hobby.

Rather than this, I am going to give some brilliant ideas to make a website. You can do these even you have a job or other work.

Online teaching websites

This is an excellent way to start a website. If you are an expert in a subject, you can teach them to others. Here you can earn money in many ways. First, you can write blog posts and put ads on your posts. But if you are looking into creating a brand, you can follow the second method that also recommends by me.

Get a camera. Teach your course and record it. Upload them into a site like YouTube and your website. Give some study materials online. In this way, you can earn from both YouTube and the website. If you want to create a brand name, sell your course through your website. Rank your site using SEO. Without a doubt, you’ll get students who wish to buy courses from you. When you have a big crowd, now you can expand the website. Make connections with some teachers just like you. Give them your ideas and ask them to sell their courses on your site. Give them a decent income and keep other money with you.

There are some simple ways like woo-commerce to help you in this process. In the end, you will get a massive income while having students worldwide. This idea has become more professional among other website ideas.

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Creating an online store

Maybe you already have a physical store. So why not and online store. Do you think it’s hard to create it? The answer is NO. Methods like woo commerce can help you. Even you don’t have things to sell, never afraid to open an online store. Because you can engage in dropshipping. In dropshipping, you only have to sell the product. The actual seller is handling the manufacturing and shipping. You only have to make an eye-catching online store and sell your or someone’s products.

This has become a popular method among all nowadays. So start an online store and focus on dropshipping. By using drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about inventories, shipments, and other costs. The buyer thinks that they are buying from you, and they will receive the exact product or service they brought. You have to find a reliable dropshipping partner, and you have to rank your website well.

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Sell websites on your websites

This is the best way to earn money if you have terrific websites ideas. Make websites and rank them. Show the customer how much money they can earn when they buy the site from you. Keep records of past earning and show them to your customers. Sell your high ranked websites on your main website. Is it hard to find buyers who are ready to pay a high amount to buy your websites?

The answer is No. It is not hard. Show them the income proofs. Think that you have a website that can earn 500$ per month. You have all the income proofs now. Someone will beg you to sell your website to him/her. Because people are too busy working on the ranking part of the site. So understand the opportunity and work continuously. Nowadays selling websites has become popular among website ideas.

4. How to website

This is a straightforward and profitable way to build your website. People are busy. So they want quick answers to their problems. If you can give them what they want, you can be successful. First, do market research and keyword research to get an idea about the question that people frequently ask. Then find the most straightforward and fastest solutions for them and post those solutions on your website. Remember that you must work with dedication because lazy people cannot earn online as well as physically.

In the end, you will have a big website with a lot of answers. Join some specialists to your website and give more value to your site. Start a forum that goes with the website. Give some tools that will help with problems.

Travel and hotel booking websites

Still, trying to find website ideas which are very interesting? Try this. People are very interested in traveling around the whole world. You may also be a traveler. Then you may have vast experience and tips to share with others. Then start a website. Spread your knowledge to the people who like you. Upload some unique photos that will attract visitors. Try to give travel tips and camping tips. This is how to expand your small traveling website.

If you are not good at giving tips and other stuff, create a hotel booking website. Contact the hotels as much as possible. Ask them to give their details and put it on your site with attractive photos and descriptions. If you travel to foreign countries this will be easy. Contact them and put their information on your websites. Make sure the all transaction is going through your website. This is the basic ideas, and it’s up to you to think a bit

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Q&A Websites

This is also a proper and straightforward way to earn. You can follow a simple structure when managing these kinds of websites. If you have excellent resources and connection with some knowledgeable people, so this idea is for you. There are a lot of top-earning sites like this. You can do better than them.

You will earn through showing ads. But when thinking about ranking, it will be easy to rank this kind of website. You can select a niche, or you can make a website that can answer any possible question. It depends on the knowledge and resources you have. Make sure to give the answers quickly because people hate to wait. Add an online chat option to your website. It will be a great help to your visitors.

Quizzes website

People love challenges. They are always interested in a new thing, and they are curious to find things. This is a big opportunity. You can select different areas, industries, products, and services to make the basement to your quizzes. Otherwise, you can choose a particular area. However, both will succeed.

Give some marketing to your website and rank the site well. Use social media to share your quizzes. People will love your website. Remember not to make too complicated or too easy quizzes. It will harm your website.

Online entrepreneurship websites

People always search for a way to earn money without a job. Are there ways to make money without a job? Yes, you can earn money by becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don’t work for others. They are self-employed. The new trend is online entrepreneurship. It’s a way to earn money by selling your skills or doing some service on the internet.

According to my research, there are thousands of people who try to find a way to earn money online. So it’s a big opportunity for the publishers and blog writers. Give them proper guidance to make some money. It’s an excellent way to get visitors. Also, you will find the best ways to earn money while maintaining the website. Also, you will find website ideas relevant to affiliate marketing while doing this.

Quotes websites

Are you good at literature? Do you know, Thousands of people are browsing the internet to find positive, motivational and inspiring quotes? They need something to motivate them. So try to supply the service to their demand. Give some famous and self-made quotes to them.

If you are good at photo editing, you are one step ahead. Remember you don’t need to be a professional photo editor. Just find some background that can attract people and add your quotes on them and publish. You will get rank on both regular search pages and image pages.

Survey websites

Surveys are popular among any person. Publish your surveys and give students, professionals, businesses and other persons to publish their surveys on your websites. You will earn an income through advertisements. It is easy to rank this kind of website. Do you know why?

When you publish someone’s survey on your website, they try to give personal marketing to their survey. It has a direct impact on your website. This is a great way to get some knowledge too. Also add some polls, forums to your site. You will earn a lot.


website ideas

So this is the basic, but brilliant website ideas that I have for you. As I said before this process is not hard. But you should have dedication and commitment. Unless you will fail. Many people make their living by maintaining a website. As well as they spend a luxury life. So never be afraid to take a risk. Because when uncertainty is high, the higher the reward.

Please put a comment, if you have a question regarding my website ideas and feel free to ask any questions.


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