Can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend or her boyfriend? This is a common question that a parent has. The typical answer is “yes.” Your ex’s new partner can meet and babysitting your child during your ex’s parenting time. But this situation gets differ if you have a parenting plan with the ex or if a court has issued a restriction for new partners to be around children. This article will give you advice about child custody and living with girlfriend or boyfriend and when ex’s new partner cannot be around your children.

Can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend?

Yes, your ex can leave your child with his/her new partner during the parenting time. Ex’s new partner can babysit or be around during ex’s parenting time. This situation gets differ if you and your ex have agreed not to expose children to the new partner or if there is a restriction order.  Unless the parting plan does not express a sentence or there are no restrictions issued by the court, your ex can leave your child with his/her new partner.

If there is no restriction, your ex’s can decide the interacting parties, caring parties, and the kid’s other need during the parting time according to parental rights.

In what situations ex’s new partner can’t reach your child

Ex’s new partner’s access to the children can be limited or restricted under the following situations.

Mentioned in the current parenting plan

If both you and your ex agreed to limit a new partner’s access to the children during parenting time, your ex or you cannot leave the kid with a new partner. It’s a violation of the agreement. If the parenting plan includes a sentence and you have found ex’s new partner with your kid, you can cease him, her for violation of the agreement.

 Judge issue a restriction

The judge can issue a restriction to the new partner under different circumstances. When the new partner endangers the child’s mental and psychical health or if the new partner impairs the child’s mental development court issue a restriction.

For example, suppose it is identified or concluded that the new partner abuses the child psychically, mentally, or sexually. In that case, the court restricts a new partner from being around the kid. Also, exposing the kid to a person who is a recently registered sex offender can put parenting time a risk.

If ex’s partner found driving drunk with the kid

If the ex’s new partner found driving drunk with the kid(s), the court can restrict a new partner from babysitting or being around the kid. The court can limit access or restrict access under this situation.

The above situations are the ones that can become a basement for a restriction. Unless there is such a situation, you or your ex can’t refuse to expose the kid to a new partner. If such a situation arises, the court schedule an immediate hearing. The plaintiff must come up with proper facts and evidence with the help of a lawyer. If you have more issues regarding child custody and living with girlfriend or boyfriend, you can contact a lawyer and take advice.


I hope you got an answer to the question of “can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend?”. Custody wars are the most common battles in the current world. Keeping a family attorney lawyer to get advice when you need is the best practice.



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