Do you wish to build your eCommerce store to the next level with Payoneer checkout? Payoneer is an American company that helps people with their finances. They offer online money transfers, digital payment services, and working capital. You can get paid in many ways with Payoneer. And also, you can use your Payoneer account to get money from companies in the US, the EU, the UK, and Japan through the receiving accounts. You can also send your clients bills and ask them to pay. However, let’s see how to engage the eCommerce store to the next level with Payoneer Checkout.

It’s Time To Take Your Store To The Next Level With Payoneer

eCommerce Store To The Next Level With Payoneer Checkout

If you have your web store or are thinking about opening one and selling directly to consumers (DTC) and on marketplaces like Amazon, Wish, or others, you’re riding one of the greatest waves to hit the eCommerce industry the past few years. 

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During and after the COVID pandemic, the global DTC market grew significantly. By 2023, DTC eCommerce sales in the US are expected to reach $175 billion, up 56% from 2020. From 2020 to 2025, the Indian market is expected to grow by three, from $30 billion to $100 billion.

But of course, having a web store doesn’t mean much if your customers can’t easily pay for the products you sell and you don’t have an easy, safe, and reliable way to accept payments. So, we’re happy to announce the launch of Payoneer Checkout, which is Payoneer’s first step into accepting payments for direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites.

Payoneer Checkout was made for the open-commerce world of today. It gives e-commerce merchants an easy and reliable way to grow and expand through direct-to-consumer sales worldwide. If you sell things online and use Payoneer Checkout, you can:

  • Use one Payoneer account to keep track of all the money you make from your online store and marketplace sales.
  • You can make more money by saving on FX costs and getting better FX rates on various currencies. You can also make more money by having better acceptance rates.
  • Advanced anti-fraud solutions make it easy to control and fight chargebacks.
  • You can quickly, easily, and effortlessly get your store approved, onboarded, and integrated, and you can change your checkout solution to fit your needs.
  • You can pay your suppliers or advertising costs, take money out of your local bank, buy things online or in stores, and do more with your combined earnings.

Sellers can connect to Payoneer Checkout directly or through e-commerce platforms. This makes it easier for them to set up their stores and start taking payments from customers worldwide. And by putting all of your funds from marketplaces and web stores into Payoneer’s multi-currency accounts, you can use Payoneer’s payment services, manage your customers’ payments, and sell on any digital channel to grow your business around the world.

With Payoneer Checkout, online sellers will be able to take advantage of the chance to grow their business in the huge DTC market and reach their full potential in the world of digital commerce.

What Are The Benefits For You

eCommerce Store To The Next Level With Payoneer Checkout

Payoneer Checkout is a reliable payment acceptance solution made with online sellers in mind. It makes it easy to expand globally, increase conversions, and make the most money possible. Payoneer brings together all of your earnings from separate web stores and marketplaces to keep track of everything as you grow.

  • Reduce your foreign exchange (FX) expenses by taking advantage of higher FX rates and various settlement currencies. Increase your income thanks to the increased number of successful transactions.
  • You will need one account to keep track of your revenue across your websites and marketplaces.
  • You may use your combined profits toward paying vendors or advertising charges, withdrawing money from your local bank account, shopping online or in stores, and doing more of these things.
  • Their integrated chargeback management solutions provide you with complete command and simplify combat chargebacks. With their built-in sophisticated anti-fraud tools, you can steer clear of transactions that carry a high risk.
  • You will get paid into your Payoneer account daily. EXCLUSIVE: Rolling reserves of a special kind only for those who qualify.
  • You will be authorized, onboarded, and integrated fast and using a method of integration. Then feel free to tailor how you complete your purchases at the store.

On the other hand, Payoneer promises you to,

  • Your profits will never be at risk because of the licensed, compliant, and internationally controlled payments infrastructure.
  • Payoneer support team headquartered in China will provide you with individualized assistance and technical support.
  • Your information’s privacy is safeguarded in every possible way.

Features For Online Sellers to Manage their Cross-Border Payments

eCommerce Store To The Next Level With Payoneer Checkout

User-Friendly platform

View and manage your transactions easily, including incoming and outgoing payments, point-of-sale transactions, withdrawals, bank account withdrawals, and account fees. Filter your view by transaction type and status, then print or export the data to Excel or PDF. Generate a monthly activity report with a single click.

Worldwide payment service

With their worldwide receiving accounts, you may accept payments in a wider range of currencies. Payoneer provides receiving accounts for local transfers in EUR, USD, and GBP to its users. Payoneer allows you to be paid fast and conveniently from organizations and people worldwide. This solution essentially removes any wire transfer fees related to payments received in these currencies.

Opportunity to manage currencies

Pay your vendors and service providers in the currency of their choice while easily managing several currencies and transferring funds between your various Payoneer currency accounts.

Immediate in-network payments

Payoneer makes it simple and free to pay in-network vendors using a quick and safe system, with payments being processed in as little as two hours. You may easily invite your vendors and service providers to use Payoneer with just the click of a button, and then you can take advantage of this low-cost, secure, and speedy option for all of your outgoing payments.

Amazon store manager

The Amazon Store Manager simplifies determining which businesses bring in the most money by collecting all of the relevant revenue data from Amazon and storing it in one location. This helps company owners better see the “big picture.” sellers can monitor the payment history for each of their businesses, manage the payments for all of their stores in one location, and add new receiving accounts when the situation warrants.

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