Extreme minimalism is about owning only the most vital items around yourself. It is a choice that a person makes to own as little as possible. Extreme minimalists only keep and purchase what is essential to their lives. They argue that having fewer things and more space around them brings them peace and happiness. In this article, we will learn about what extreme minimalism is, how to be a minimalist and the pros and cons of extreme minimalist living.

What is extreme minimalism and minimalism?

Minimalism and extreme minimalism have a connection. In minimalism, we can see fewer boundaries and limitations for the wants. Also, minimalism is purely subjective. But in extreme minimalism, people set exact boundaries and limits around them. That is why the “extreme” part is there for. Extreme minimalism is about owning as little as possible. Extreme minimalists expect fewer items around them with more space, which brings them joy and happiness.

There is a slight difference between extreme minimalist living and minimalist lifestyle. Extreme minimalists own less than the minimalists. Extreme minimalist living only requires the necessities, while minimalists own more. This minimalism comes with different levels, and it has both pros and cons. That is why it is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes it is challenging, and sometimes it is scary.  It is all up to you.

Extreme minimalist living

This lifestyle requires fewer stuff. Sometimes there will be no televisions, furniture, sofas, washing machines, etc. An extreme minimalist person only keeps what is critical to them. They reject the view which says, “having more stuff can make your life easy.” As an example, they might have only 10 to 15 items around them.

No one can argue that extreme minimalism is terrible or good. It has both pros and cons, and a person must choose this according to the capabilities and desire. Some say extreme minimalist living helps to avoid anxiety and stress. When it comes to reality, minimalists are even facing mental issues like anxiety and stress. The reason is some people choose minimalism without knowing and having a desire for that lifestyle. So, they end up with lots of struggles. So, if you want to become an extreme minimalist, think more, and choose wisely.

Why people become extreme minimalists?

Some can argue that living as a minimalist is like living in ancient times. As I said before, the choice is subjective.  Why some people practice extreme minimalism? Some people really care about their mental health. They see owning more stuff as a bad thing. When you own more, you have more bonds. When you have more bonds, you are not free. That is the main reason for choosing this minimalist lifestyle.

Some people care more about the environment. As we know, humans are destroying nature day by day. Humans have invented many products and services which can harm nature. So, minimalists believe that they have a responsibility to save nature. For that, they own less so that the damage to nature from them becomes less. Likewise, the reasons for becoming an extreme minimalist is subjective.

Extreme minimalist tips

extreme minimalism

This paragraph is for the people who are looking for tips to become an extreme minimalist. So here are the things that should be considered.

Prioritize the vital needs

A minimalist lifestyle does not mean that you should keep less stuff. Having less stuff is just a characteristic. Usually, minimalists reduce all their unnecessary activities. Before that, you should uncover what is vital to you and what is not. Extreme minimalists only own, do what crucial for the living. After prioritizing things, you can easily remove unnecessary items.

Reduce decorative items

To become an extreme minimalist, it requires only vital necessities. So, they do not expect their surroundings to be decorative, fancy, colored. Also, decorative items do not fulfill any kind of basic need. Those are there to make our eyes happy. So, removing them is an excellent step to a minimalist lifestyle.


Extreme minimalism is hard and scary. That is why fasting becomes a significant step to adjust to that lifestyle. Fasting is a great way to reduce many diseases. Also, researchers have found that fasting is legitimate and brings long term benefits for health. Here, it is the main step of becoming a minimalist. Eat what is critical, and when it is critical. Try to skip one meal per day if you are capable of it.

Understand the process

Becoming an extreme minimalist is hard at the beginning. You have to let go of many unnecessary desires and stuff. Furthermore, you have to understand that this lifestyle is not for a day or a week. It is a continuous process that you must practice. Before deciding, you have to critically think about your goal and the capability to continue it for the rest of your life. Never jump into the water without knowing the depth.

Keep multipurpose stuff

Some stuff can use for multipurpose. As an example, you can add cupboards to your bed to keep clothes, books, etc. Also, you can use a single desk for many purposes, like eating, writing, etc. Try to reduce stuff which is made to perform a single task which is unnecessary.

Say “bye” to complexities.

There may be stuff and behaviors which can kill your happiness. Your object as a minimalist is to live as simple as possible. So, let go of what makes your life hard, whether it is stuff or behaviors. Manage your space and day well in the way of giving a happy life.  Understand that; now, you must balance your vital needs and want. Every people need a lot of things in their life. According to the minimalist’s perspective, that is the thing which makes their life harder. So, balance your expectations and desires.

Respect other’s perspectives

Not everyone fits with the minimalist perceptive. Imagine you have a wife who acts opposite to minimalism. She may in love with decorative things, extra clothes, shoes, etc. Imagine the troubles you and your wife may face because of different perspectives. Arguments and breaking relationships are not the solutions for that kind of situation. Not everyone fits with our perspective, and we are not fit with there’s. So, each party must respect each other’s views. But most of the time, minimalists are considered as greedy people. So, the option is left with you. Respect their views and try to fit yourself.

Learn to say, “No.”

The inability to say “No” to an unfavourable situation is the breaking point of a minimalist lifestyle. If someone is proposing a thing that can harm your lifestyle, have the confidence to say, “No” with proper reasons. Do not lose relationships while saying, “No.” You must have sound arguments on your side to ignore their proposals.

Automate tasks

Some tasks can be done online automatically. Paying bills, Social media scheduling, Online shopping, etc. are examples. At the end of each month, set a plan for next month. Identify primary and repetitive tasks. Try to automate those repetitive tasks using Information technology.

Pros of extreme minimalism

  • Ability to focus on health
  • Less stress and mental issues
  • Chance to grow with health relationships
  • Opportunity to focus on personal growth
  • More freedom
  • Less complexity in life
  • Achieving sustainability
  • Fewer worries
  • Better time management
  • Ability to donate for the poor with what you don’t need

Cons of extreme minimalism

  • Requires strong mental health
  • Hard to apply
  • People may see you as a greedy person
  • Time surplus which leads to time waste
  • Your growth may be struck in some ways
  • You may end up with a boring life
  • People may see you as a weird person.

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