Marriage is not an individual task or marriage is not a thing that only one party make efforts. It is teamwork. Both parties must make sacrifices, put their efforts. You expect your husband to be a good husband. Also, you should be a good wife to your husband. Actions of both parties decide the happiness of the marriage. Let assume your husband is doing great. So now he is expecting you to be a good wife.

It’s not hard. You only have to make some adjustments to your daily behaviours. Those adjustments will create happiness inside you and your family. So what are those adjustments that decide whether we live in a happy marriage or hard marriage?

how to be a good wife

Show him, love

Do you love your partner? The answer should be yes. But loving him is not enough. Your husband cannot read your mind. What you should be is, show him that you love him so much. Express your feeling to him. This is simple. Watch out these examples.

When he is awake, kiss him, make the foods that he loves most, selects the movies he like most, tell him that you love him so much. You don’t need to try hard when expressing your love. It just needs a few changes in your behaviours.

Put the phone away

Never use the phone when you are talking with him. Maybe he has something important to tell you. But because of the using of the phone, you may not hear him clearly. It can make him upset. Most of the relationships are falling again and again because of mobile phones and social media. People get separate because of those. Most people use phones, even before sleep.

But to have a happy marriage, you should put the phone away. Never use the phone on the bed. Make some love rather than using the phone.

Be honest

be honest

Actually, this is the essential quality you must practice. If you need a better husband, you must be a better wife. If you are not honest to him, your marriage life will be hard. Tell him everything thing about you. Make him clear about how your life goes on.

Put honestly first above all other qualities. If you don’t love your husband anymore, tell him directly. Never cheat on him. Tell him about your fears, desires, how to make you happy etc.

Never insult him in front of your friends.

Of course, you should not insult him. But importantly, you must not insult him in front of your friends. Because males hate to be insulted in front of the female. That’s a theory and make sure you don’t break that theory.

Be generous

You may work hard than him, or you may contribute to the family more than him. But never let him know about that. Scoring doesn’t bring happiness to the family. It kills the family. Never complain to him saying that he is not working hard.

I know it is compulsory to have a contribution of both you and him. But blaming him doesn’t make any sense. It only makes it worse. If he is doing something wrong, tell him that with expressing the love. Marriage is not a game that you must win. So be generous.

Support him

Supporting him doesn’t mean being there when he has worse times. You should appreciate and cheer him when he achieves something. You should help to overcome his fears and other mental breakdown and show him that he can win. Love what he loves.

Let’s conclude that your husband loves football and you are not. What happened when you show your reluctance against football. He will obviously get upset. Even if you don’t like what he likes, let him do what he likes. But make sure to stop him when he is doing something wrong.

Tell him he is a beast in bed.


Start saying this from today and you will see the change. Your husband always wants to be the best person you ever had. He may try his best to give what you desire. What will happens when you keep saying or implying him that the things he does are not enough. It will break his heart. He will start to see him as a failure. Never make it happens. Always say or express he is a beast in bed.

If the ways he is using on the bed doesn’t make you happy, find new ways to enjoy with him. Don’t ignore him.

Be funny

be funny

The way of defining what fun is gets different from person to person. Some may thing adventures can make fun, and some may think of staying at home and watching a movie can make fun. Likewise, you and your husband may have a different definition of fun.

It is common to have different likes and dislikes. Mostly males are interested in some adventure things like hiking, skydiving etc. So doing those things with husband can make you brave. It does not mean that you should do things that you are uncomfortable with. But try once, and you will find that those things are actually comfortable and funny.
Respect your husband’s likes, dislikes, hobbies unless they are illegal or harmful.

Make yourself happy and make him happy.

The happiness of both parties is essential. If you want to be a good wife, try to make your husband happy. Do things he likes and make him glad. Cook his favourite food and watch his favourite movies. Also, when he is trying to make love in the bedroom, give everything you have to make him happy.

But making your husband happy is not enough. If you are not satisfied, the things you have done to make your husband happy will be wasted. Because he is also expecting your happiness. If he notices that you are in pain or sad, his happiness will be shattered. So try to put the things away that makes you unhappy. Always face him with a genuine smile. When you both are in the bedroom, don’t let husband enjoy alone. If the ways he uses to make love don’t fit you, tell him and find the best ways together.

Listen to him

This is an essential thing that you must have. Be a good listener to your husband. Even he is strong and brave, and he may also have struggles.So identify them and ask “How was your day”.Ask regularly abut his feelings and ask to tell if there any problem.

Pay attention only to him when you are talking with him. Just like I said before, never use mobile phones when you are listening to him. If not, he will stop telling his things to you. That’s a breakdown. So be a good listener. Be his mother than being only the wife.

In this article, I have just stated ten life-changing ways on how to be a good wife. Marriage is complicated and doesn’t limit yourself to these ten tips. If you both have an excellent understanding, you don’t need advice. First, try to make a superb understanding between you and your husband and these tips will help you to do that fast.

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