Are you thinking about being successful in the youtube? Many people start a youtube channel and get failed within no time. What is the actual reason for that failure? How to become a successful YouTuber?

If you want to become successful on youtube and earn money from youtube, you must have a plan and good youtube SEO strategies. Youtube broadcast yourself. We can’t count how much money do YouTubers make. It’s unlimited. Try to follow these guides if you have a problem of how to become a successful Youtuber. Being a Youtuber is an excellent way to earn a passive income and its a unique way to invest in yourself.

  • Have a proper plan
  • Select the niche and goals
  • Keyword research
  • Map the content
  • Gear up with accessories
  • Practice
  • Create the content
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails
  • Youtube SEO
  • Publish
  • Make money

In my research, I have found that the main two critical points in becoming successful. One is quality, and the other one is regular uploads. I will discuss the above steps and those two main points in my article.

Have a proper plan to become a successful Youtuber

how to plan to become a successful you tuber

It is obvious that anyone can’t become successful on youtube. First, you must have a proper plan. Here you have to think about your personal S.W.O.T. In there, you must assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Okay, now you are going to do market research. In there you have to look about the trending topics and write them on a piece of paper. When you are selecting a topic, this will be a great help.

Always make sure that your plan is not about making money. You may have seen many popular YouTubers.They have not started their channel to make some money. Their only goal was to enjoy creating videos. If you only focus on money, I am sure you will get failed. The thing is you have to love your work and enjoy it.

Select the niche and goals

This is the most critical and essential step in this process. If you want to become a Youtuber, you must select a topic for your content.make sure that your topic is a really small one. It means making sure that your niche is a micro-niche.

If you select a broader niche, you may have to go down deeper and deeper. In there, you will get tired from going further.

There are main two secrets of selecting a niche. One is you have to choose a topic that you are interested in, and you know well. It means if you don’t have any knowledge or interest in sports, you should not select the sports niche. The other one is the niche should be really small.

As an example, sport is the main niche. Never try to do videos by targeting sports niche. You have to focus its sub-niches like players etc.

Do you have interest and knowledge in many topics?

Then follows these steps

  • Start with a one and specific niche
  • Cover every single aspect of that niche
  • Expand the channel to the second niche
  • Do the same thing again and again

Whatever the niche you select, you must ensure that your niche can give value to the people. Otherwise, you will get failed. People watch more and more when they receive a value from the video. Here are some trending and popular niches in the current market.

top niches for YouTube

Keyword research

If you have missed this step, you have blocked your way to success. When you are uploading a video to the youtube, youtube may ask you to give the video a title, description, tags. We all know it is easy to write a description of the video. But we can’t just write without concerning about the keywords.

Keywords mean the words that the people type in the search box to search for something. When we target that typing word, we can easily pop up on the search. For that, we do keyword research.

Best tools for keyword research

In the above examples, the last two tools offer you a free service and the first two tools can be brought by paying some money or as a trail.

There are two types of keywords. One is short-tail keywords, and the other one is long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords refer to the short keyphrases with high competition. Usually, a person searches something using a short-tail keyphrase. That’s the reason for high competition.

Ex:- D.I.Y. craft

Long-tail keywords refer to the long keyphrases with the low or average competition. These are the keywords that we must target. Instead of using D.I.Y. craft keyword, we can use D.I.Y. crafts for beginners. Using a long-tail keyword help you to increase the impression by avoiding high competition.

Okay, now you have to create a list of keywords that relevant to your niches. I will show you how to apply the keywords in your channel when it comes to the last step.

Map the content

Now you have a specific niche and keyword list. What you have to do is now is to create a schedule. This schedule must include the followings.

  • Dates you publish the videos
  • The flow of the videos
  • The time frame of the videos
  • Colour theme of the videos and thumbnails

My opinion is, you must upload videos on a specific date. Because when you are becoming popular on youtube, you subscribers are waiting for that particular date to watch your videos. It means if you are uploading videos on Wednesday and Fridays, you have to keep uploading only on those two days.

Also, you must create a flow to your videos. Make sure to upload an introduction video at first. Then you have to upload videos with a correct flow. Also, I suggest uploading short videos because long videos can make people get bored. To become a successful Youtuber, it is important to understand about minds.

This is important, your videos and thumbnails must have a specific colour theme when you are changing your theme again and again can upset the people. People like to see a decent and well-organized channel rather than trash.

Gear up with accessories

 become a successful youtuber

Now you should organize the gadgets. There are main three equipment you have to use.

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Lighting

The quality of that three equipment affect the quality of the videos, and the quality of the video heavily affect the views of the videos. So make sure that your equipment and videos are high quality once.

If you don’t have money to gear up with the above equipment, be tactical. Use a good mobile phone or hire some equipment at a low price. When you start making money from youtube, you can even start an equipment shop. So first keep in mind that you have to successful.

Practice and Create contents

Before going for a real video, you have to do trail videos until you get familiar with the equipment. Also, the quality of the equipment must be checked in this step. Many of you may not have faced a camera in your may feel shy, and you may feel weird. Don’t worry, and you have time. Keep practising until you get familiar with the instruments.

Don’t get discouraged if you failed, again and again. Nobody was born with skills.we have to learn the skills. Remember that you have to become a successful Youtuber.

Okay, now you have recorded a great video and voice over. It is time to do the editing. Video and audio editing should be done now. Usually, editing takes more time than recording a don’t get tired and do the work with faith.

Best software to edit youtube videos

Create eye-catching thumbnails.

I have separated this step from the above step to show how important this step is. When a person enters into the youtube, he doesn’t see your video. He sees your thumbnail. If the thumbnail is eye-catching and attractive, he will click on your video and watch the video. Thumbnails are essential to get more views on youtube and to become a successful Youtuber.

You can design your thumbnail using adobe photoshop. Sites like canva offer awesome templets to create attractive thumbnails.

Youtube SEO

 become a successful youtuber

Search engine optimization is about making your videos easier to be found on the search engines like Google, Bing, Youtube etc.

Without Youtube SEO, your video will not get views, but I can’t guarantee that. Because many popular YouTuber become famous without doing SEO.So this step is for the people, who are new to the youtube and new to the content creating industry.

Youtube algorithm decide what to give to the people and what to remove from the site. So you have to be friendly with this algorithm. Youtube SEO is not difficult. But its a collection of many small tasks. I am going to show you those tasks.

Steps to SEO a Youtube Video

  • Quality and uniqueness
  • Quantity
  • Keywords
  • Thumbnail
  • Internal Links
  • Engaging with the community
  • Social media sharing


The quality of the vide and the audio must be high. With the changes in technology, people are expecting more top quality things from the creators. Also, your contents must be unique. It means you must not upload the copied material. You have to make your content without copying someone.


Minimally you must upload one video for a week. It is better if you can upload 2 or 3 for a week until you get famous. Also, the uploading dates must be specific.

Applying keywords to the videos

There are three parts to add a keyword or add keywords in a video. When you are going to publish a video, youtube will ask to write a title, description and tags for the video.

Make sure the title contain a long-tail keyword and the title should be attractive. When you are writing the description, add your keyword and related keywords three to 4 times. Tags are about adding the keywords directly. Add your primary keyword, relevant keywords and keyword synonymous to the tags and you are done.


Like I mentioned above, an attractive thumbnail is a must. Thumbnail helps to improve the click-through rate.

Internal links

When you are writing the description, make sure to include the links of your previous videos. When a person reads your description, he may click that link. So insert more links in the description.

Engaging with the community

With time you will have a community with your channel. When they put a comment, make a replay to it as soon as possible. Also, join with other youtube communities and give them information about your channel.This is important to become a successful Youtuber.

Social media sharing

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share your channel and its videos. It will bring more visitors to your channel.

These are only basic things about youtube SEO. But there are more steps that those. As a youtube creator, I have followed an excellent person to SEO my videos. He is Brian Dean and checks out his youtube channel for more information.

Make money

The primary way to earn money is through Google Adsense. When you have a well-running channel, you can apply for Adsense and get advertisement. Once a visitor saw an advertisement in your video, you will get paid.

Google Adsense is not the only way to earn money from youtube.

Ways to earn money from youtube.

  • Becoming a youtube partner
  • Paid videos
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Direct promotion
  • Affiliated marketing
  • Selling products
Ways to earn money from YouTube

Okay, now I am going answer the most common question about the youtube and YouTubers.

Is being a YouTuber is a good idea?

It is a good idea. But you have to make sure your content is legal and give a value to the people. Being a YouTuber is enjoying. You will find new people around the world. On the other side, you will earn money from youtube. If it is not a good idea, you would never search for how to become a successful youtuber.

Do YouTubers need to pay taxes?

It is based on your country regulations and your income. Most popular YouTubers pay tax according to their income.

Can I make a living on youtube?

Why not? But you have focused more and more on developing the channel, increasing the views and subscribers because your whole life depends on that.

How much money will receive on 100k views?

Normally adsese pays $0.75- $ 2.00 per 1,000 views.So the 100k views can earn between $ 75 to $ 200.

Most popular YouTubers?

most popular You Tubers

What is youtube banner size?

The optimal banner image size is 2560× 1440 pixels and the minimum dimension is 2048× 1152 pixels. Make sure that the banner size is not beyond 2560× 423 pixels.

What is youtube thumbnail size?

The optimal size is 1280 × 720 pixels with a minimum width of 640 pixels.

how to become a successful you tuber

Final words

Keep in mind that this is only a brief description of how to become a successful Youtuber. There are many things to learn in this filed. Don’t be afraid, start now and see you will learn all of those by one. Every Youtuber has started at 0.

Never do a channel only focusing on the money. Just focus on giving something valuable to the people, and you will get money for sure. Do a channel as a hobby, not as a job. It will never make you tired. If you are only focusing on earning money only, read how to make money online?


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