How to motivate others to make them do things without giving orders? In this article, I am going to provide simple tricks and tips that any leader, a manager can use to motivate others. Motivated people are a must for any team, group or organization. Because the Organization’s future and success is heavily depending on human resource. In the current situation, the role of a good leader or manager who has a great skill in handling this human resource has become a vital part.

In a company, managers blame other workers for their low results. But that result is a manager’s responsibility. The tips I provide here is only for the leader and managers who understand their responsibilities. If you can understand you are the main cause for the demotivated staff, read this. This will help you to motivate others well.

Give feedbacks to motivate others

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People are eager for feedback. Not only the children, even the adults, are willing for the feedbacks. This is a critical thing that any manager should know when motivating others in the business. Keep in mind that positive or negative feedback is better than no feedback. Because people hate to be isolated in their works. Most of the time, they expect someone to guide or watch from the back. If a manager provides no feedbacks, the worker’s mind automatically creates feedback, and later it becomes a nightmare in their minds. It drives the employees into bad communication and low trust. So keep giving feedback and guidance. It must be a never-ending process. In the end, you will have highly motivated staff.

Lead from the front

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People hate to follow the orders that are given by the people who are shouting from their backs. They need someone to be there on the front and show the path to the goals. This method works well than other methods. This entirely and deeply changes the people and the effect lasts longer than other methods. Be an inspiring person. If you want others to be on time, always be early and tell them how much you consider the time and how much value time can gain.

Tell the truth to motivate others

Telling the truth is a good habit of a great leader and a manager. As the manager, a leader, you always have considerable power and authority in controlling resources.You may have a wide area under your control. Workers still expect transparency.If someone came to you and ask for your help, what will you do? If you say “sorry, there is nothing I can do”, congratulations you have already made someone demotivated. Keep In mind that there are a lot of things you can do. So saying “I am helpless” is a lie. Never give such kind of answers for the staff. Always help others by telling the truth and helping them with the resources and the powers that you have.

Get a clear picture of your role

Nothing works until you get a clear picture of who you are and what you have to do. Are you a manager? This is the time to change your role into a leader. Before motivating others to be a motivated and inspired person. Leadership is s skill that anyone can get. There are books, seminars, practical sessions and a lot of resources that can make you a good leader. But practicing the things that those resources provide is a must. You cant be a good leader without picturing yourself and the leadership.

Understand the real purpose

Are you a multitasking manager or leader? Do you think you can do work fast and move to other works? How can you assure quality and effectiveness? If you keep resulting in a lousy performance, multitasking is the reason for that. Our minds are made to do one thing at a time. When we multitask, we miss the quality. Mangers hate to accept that multitasking is bad. Try to know your real purpose. You will understand there is freedom in your managerial role rather than living with stress when you find your real purpose. You may get distracted, and you may face problems.But you will be able to bounce back if you know your purpose. This kind of leader is a great motivation for others.

Hire the motivated

This may look so simple. But it is not as it seems like. First, you must have a good knowledge of human resources to hunt the best people from the interviews. Motivated people need continuous motivation. So you must have methods to keep motivated people motivated. Try to capture some best people from the interview and try to retain them in business. If you have a massive crowd of motivated people, there will be no space for the demotivated people. They will try to work with them and reach other’s results. This is best for the manager and leaders who have strategic HRM skills.

Play good and bad

If you are a good manager or leader, you must be able to play both good and bad. Your good face must be there to lead, motivate, mentor others and show the path to success. Keep in mind to use your good look very often. When a good manager is exhausted, you have to bring the bad manager. The bad manager must be tight. He is not respecting the lazy people, people who broke promises and people who come up with bad results. But never use this bad manager very often. Once the bad manager role is done, bring bach the goog manager to give motivation, excellent effort, and leadership. Eventually, your staff will learn what you expect.

Continuous communication

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Communication is the heart of the organization. It is the best way to earn trust and respect. A good leader makes people feel that they play a massive role in the organization, and they are a part of the success in the organization. It is done through communication. When it happens, people give value to their work. That means they are motivating. There is no room for old traditional methods. Use the proper and latest communication method to share motivation and information.

Motivate others by doing

There are two types of leaders or managers in an organization. One is the doer, and the other one is a feeler. The doer is the person who set goals and objective and figures out the way to achieve it. They are practically giving the effort to achieve those. Doers are highly committed and motivated. They always seek real results. Obviously, they think at first, but they move into the action quickly. Feelers are different. They stay in their mind and keep believing. They are getting exhausted at the end of the day without doing any work and without getting any result. When you become a doer and increase your reputation as a doer, your followers will be motivated, and they will follow you to success.

Give positive reinforcements

This is the best way to retain a human force which gives the maximum contribution to the organization. Positive reinforcement means you have to keep providing the good things that your staff love when they did something right. Admire and respect who has done well. Give them prizes or some extra benefits. They will keep showing you excellent results and others will follow them. Also, negative reinforcement has a good effect. But you must be careful to select the one. In negative reinforcement, you remove a thing that your followers hate. But that removal must not damage the organization.

Keep learning

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If you think that you know everything, you are wrong. Because our life is not enough to learn everything. Learn something day by day. Participate in seminars and workshops. Show others that you are eager to get knowledge. Excellent knowledge can make you grow to the potential. That growing process can make you happy. People always follow and motivated by happy people. See, it’s simple.

Here your people out

Listening to followers is an excellent way to motivate them. Sometime they may have problems in their workplace. They may come up with grievances. Here you must act as a good listener. When they see you as a person who is always there for them, they will be motivated automatically. Good listeners make others comfortable as well as themselves.

These are small tricks and tips that you can use in any team. Use all of them continue to see the change in the organization. Changing attitudes means everything.

Try these tips too.

  • Soften your heart
  • Lead with enthusiasm
  • Create a vision
  • Don’t be afraid to make requests
  • Forget about failures
  • Deliver the reward
  • Learn to experiment
  • Stop criticizing upper management

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