We all know what is saving money. But we all have problems when it comes to saving money. So how to save money?

Saving money is a process. First of all, we must develop a habit of saving money. You have to understand that your future needs are more important than your current needs. It is not compulsory to save all money by living like a robot. There are some ways you can trim your expenses and save a lot.

So in this article, I am going to give you the best ways to save money when you are on a tight budget and the ways to save money in college. Its all about controlling yourself.

Money Saving Reminder

How to save money on a tight budget?

  • Use a budget plan
  • Swapping
  • Get things from rental services
  • Walk or ride a bicycle
  • Use technology
  • Buy in bulk
  • Get rid of credit cards
  • Search for a passive income
  • Cut down wants
  • Evaluate costs
  • Use a budget plan

List down the real income and total expenses of your family. Set limitations for each expense.Concern about 50-30-20 rule before setting limitations. See the bottom of the article to know about the 50-30-20 rule. So try to save at least 10% to 20% of the budget. The advantage of a budget is we can get a correct understanding of the expenses. When we set limitations, we can control any variance.


If you need something for a single task, never buy that thing. Just swap with a friend or neighbour. Because if we buy that particular thing, we have to throw it away after using it for our purpose. Its a waste of money. As an example, if you need a wedding dress for a wedding, you can ask a friend to swap clothes rather than buying them. Keep in mind that you are on a tight budget.

Get things from rental services.

Never buy things if you only wish to use it once. If you can’t swap it, then get from a rental service. It will save a lot. Here we can retake the above example. When we are seeking a wedding dress, we don’t need to buy it. We can get it from a rental service. It will save 80% of your money.

Walk or ride a bicycle.

When you want to travel somewhere, first check the distance from home. If the destination is near one, just walk or ride a bicycle. It will trim your expenses on health indirectly.

If the destination is too far, take a public transport service.

Use technology

Technology is changing day by day. The opportunity is we can use them to cut our expenses. Yeah, it is necessary to watch a movie, visit musical shows as a human being. But remember, we are on a tight budget. Trim those expences buy using services like NetFlix, Hulu.

Also, when buying clothes, try online. It will give you a discount and also you can reduce transportation costs. That’s how to save money.

Buy in bulk

First, you have to list down the monthly consumption of your family. It usually costs more money when we buy in single pieces. You have to buy in bulk. It gives more discount, and it helps to control the consumption of your family.

Get rid of credit cards.

Usually, credit cards take more interest from customers. Why are you paying high interest when you are on a tight budget? Just remove those credit cards. But there is a factor we must concern about. Typically credit cards grant us a high discount when buying groceries or other stuff. We have to think about that discount and the interest rate of the credit card. If the discount is higher than the interest, keep the credit card.

Search for a passive income

If you have some time let after the job, you can use your time in a passive income source. There are so many passive income methods. If you get succeed, you can forget the tight budget and spend like a millionaire. Otherwise, you can save a lot. Try top passive income ideas.

Cut down wants

If you have only a few coins left, you have to make a sacrifice. Think about your compulsory wants and others. Cut down the wants as possible.

As an example, if you want to see a football match and a movie. Here you have to sacrifice one. It is for your good. First, cut down the low cost wants. Cut down the wants which are not affecting your lifestyle.

Evaluate costs

Check all costs and its sources and find alternatives. If you want a hair cut, find a local and good barbershop rather than going into a reputed one. Check your electricity bills.switch off electronic devices whenever possible.

Evaluate all costs and check how much we can trim. That’s how to save money on a tight budget.

tips to save money

The above tips are just simple and easy ways to save money on a tight budget. Just like I told you before,t is all about controlling your self and developing a saving habit. Some people may see this as a hell. But we have to do this when we have no other options left. Never try to depend on one income stream. Invest your money wisely in many streams.it will help you to get rid of tight budgets.

How to save money in college?

  • Focus on studies
  • Control cell phone expenses
  • Use public transport services
  • Stop buying textbooks
  • use a piggy bank
  • Seek free events
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Apply for scholarships and grants
  • Sell textbooks
  • Print on college
  • Learn to cook
  • Youtube

It may be hard to save in college. But it is not impossible. This may look challenging. We all know there are so many expenses we have to bear in the college. These tips are for the students who are in hostels or boarding rooms.

Focus on studies

Before saving money, we have to stop making additional expenses. So focus more and more on studies and don’t get failed. Never try to add an extra semester by messing up with the studies. The additional semester is an additional cost. Try to complete your studies within the stated time.

Control cell phone expenses

Use applications to count your data usages. Also, get a good understanding of your settings. Try to use wifi of the college as possible. Normally when it comes to calling and messaging, try to use online services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc.

Use public transport services.

Try to use public transport services. It can save you money in the long term. If not you can use services like Uber. They offer some good discounts and they have an affordable price. When you do not own a vehicle, you can save costs associated with parking, gas, insurance, and repairs, etc.

Stop buying textbooks

Try to exchange textbooks from other students or get old ones. Also, you may be able to borrow textbooks from the library. You can find used textbooks from amazon. If you have money for that, try moving into a digital reading.so many sites and applications are on the internet, which can provide you with the books you want in digital format. Try iFlipd

use a piggy bank

This is an old but highly effective method to save money. Whenever you have spare change in your hand, put it to the piggy bank.you can use a jar as an alternative. That’s how to save money in college using an old method.

Seek free events

Yeah, we need something to enjoy.we need something to relax our mind. But the main barrier is money. Don’t worry; there are so many events host by the college for free.participate those much as possible.

Use a reusable water bottle.

Rather than buying water bottles every day, try to use a reusable water bottle.it can save some bucks.

Apply for scholarships and grants

Find scholarships, grants and apply to them. Apply throughout every year to find a good one.it will be an excellent way to save your pocket money.

Sell textbooks

When you don’t have money to get new books, you can sell old once that you already used. This can minimize your expenses on textbooks. With this, you can recover your previous costs and save some money to buy new books.

Print on college

It costs a lot when printing something from outside.so you can choose to print those using the printer in the college. It saves a lot. If your lecturers are allowing to provide soft copies of the report and other documents, go paperless.

Learn to cook

Making food is far better than buying foods. When you are in a hostel or boarding place, you can quickly cook meals by yourself. It will save a lot and it will be an excellent way to invest in yourself.

Control of alcohol

I am not saying to stop. But you can use some great tips to control alcohol expenses.you can buy alcohol from sales, or you can split the cost with your friends. Make sure that your alcohol expenses are not breaking your budget.


This is very popular among students. With youtube, you can make some money. Learn how to become a successful Youtuber. This will help you to forget about your budgeted life.

So these are just a few tips you can use to save money in college. Try those and save your money. Never spend money to impress people. Only spend on necessities and cut down all other unnecessary expenses.

What is the 50-30-20 rule?

This is a simple budget rule which can help people to reach their financial goals.

  • 50% of your after-tax income should be used for the needs, AKA hardcore commitments.
  • 30% of your after-tax income should be used to enjoy AKA for other wants.
  • 20% of your after-tax income should be saved or invested or used to repay debts.

That’s how to save money to reach your financial goals.

budgeting rules

What is the 30 days rule?

This is another simple saving rule to save money. If you need to buy something you like, just wait 30 days before buying. During those 30 days, put the money it would cost if you brought that particular thing into a savings account. It means, save the money that you try to use to buy that specific thing you like. If you want to buy that thing even after the 30 days, get money from the savings account and buy it. If you have no interest in buying that thing, just keep the money in your savings account.

This is simple but effective. The theory is, we do expenses by making quick decisions. So this rule gives us time to think. During that time, we can think about whether than want is necessary or unnecessary.

Can I save too much?

Yes, you can. But you will miss all the fun activities in your life.so try to follow the above rules to save money without disturbing your lifestyle.

What are the best investments methods which give a monthly income

  • Bonds
  • Fixed deposits
  • Real estate investment
  • Certificate of deposits

Final words

basics of saving money

In this article, I gave you some small and useful tips and rules to save money. It’s up to you to practice those. All the above tips are extremely practical, and there are so many ways rather than the tips I mentioned above. Saving must be a habit. It is not a thing to be shy about. We must not spend our money to impress someone. We can impress others by spending a lot. But the people who read this article are not millionaires to spend like that.

I hope you will get success in your life.

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