Job vs business, what is better?

Many people don’t have a clear understanding of what is better between job and business. Job vs business, what is better?

Everyone who is doing studies on personal development always mentions that businesses are always better than jobs. Doing a job means we are working for someone. It means we have to work for a boss if we choose to do a job. Whether your boss gains a high profit or not, you will receive a pre-determined salary. But doing business means you are becoming the boss of your business. You can choose the level of profit you need to earn when doing business. But we have to understand there are many pros and cons in both selections.

job vs business

Usually, jobs are safer because whatever happens, you can receive the salary on time. So jobs are more secure and risk-free method. You can earn some certain money when doing a job.

Businesses are the Opposite of that. The money you gain always depends on your hard works, strategies, and your skills. Maybe you won’t be able to earn a single coin. It usually takes time to get successful when doing business, because you have to face many ups and downs. So businesses have more risks than jobs. Job vs business is a debate that no one can answer.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do a job. It all depends on your attitudes, skills, commitment, and financial situation. Usually, a business can be equals to a long term investment. Job is just a thing that pays a monthly salary. I am just giving an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of both business and job. It’s up to you to select the best one that suits you.

What is a job?

what is a job (Job vs business)

A job has many definitions. We can identify it as a full time or part-time employment or a piece of work. Otherwise, we can recognize it as a duty or responsibility for a specific work. Jobs have many characteristics. We receive a salary as our income. Most of the time, it is a pre-determined salary. But it gets different with the type of job. But the essential characteristic is, there is always someone superior to us to determine our salary.

Most of the time, salaries are constant, and it only gets change with the commissions and promotions.

Usually, a job has no risk. If you are doing your works properly, there is no reason to terminate you from the job. Also, whatever happened, you will receive a salary at the end.

Doing a job means we are working for someone. It means we have a boss and we have to work for him. He earns a profit, and you receive a salary as the income.

What is a business?

what is a business

A business can be defined as an organization that has commercial, professional, or non-commercial objectives. It is a collection of one or more people who work together to achieve a common goal. Businesses can be profit-oriented or social service-oriented.It means businesses can be divide into two main parts according to the objective. One is profit-oriented organizations, and the other one is non-profit organizations.

According to the size, a business can be divide into three parts, which are large, medium, and Small. Doing business means becoming a can decide anything when you are doing business, and the success of the business wholly depends on you. (Try small business ideas.)

Above is just a simple idea to understand what a job is and what a business is.But there are so many characteristics that we can use to identify what a job is and what a business is. Let’s discuss them with their pros and cons.

Before moving to the pros and cons of jobs and businesses, I have to tell you the following things.

Doing a job is not wrong, and also doing business is not wrong. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide what suits you. As I said before job vs business is a debate that no one can win

advantages and disadvantages of doing a job

Advantages of doing a job

Diversified working opportunities

An organization is a combination of many jobs. When you are doing a job, you gain the opportunity to engage with different job roles and can engage with different roles and get different experiences from each.

Doing a job can give you skills in areas like finance, human resource management, operations management, etc. Usually, everyone engages with a job to get those skills because jobs are the best place to learn.

No need for strategies

You don’t need to get stressed, because your boss shows the directions and he/she gives you the strategies to follow. All you have to do is obey the commands you receive and do what your supervisors say. You don’t need to think about the strategies.

Additional benefits

Doing a job is the most secure way because employers are given more benefits to the employees to motivate them and for the welfare of them. You may receive bonuses, insurances, and other benefits in addition to the basic salary.

A place for show skills

There are so many group works, projects to engage when doing a job. You may have to work with many different people, and you will gain the chance to learn new things and show your skills.


You all know about promotions. Doing a job can lead us to develop our careers. We can start as a lower-level employee and build our career up to the top-level manager because of the promotions. Also, your salaries get an increase with promotions.

Fewer responsibilities

All you have to do is doing the tasks assigned to you. You don’t need to think about other employees, their families, their welfare, etc. Because employers are handling those responsibilities.

Holidays and vacation

When you are doing a job, you are working on a work routine. Working time and days are definite, and it doesn’t get changes unless if there special circumstance. You will gain the chance to enjoy holidays and vacations and also your the time after your working hours. You are a free bird after the working hours. It will be easy to manage the time.

Easy to plan the life

Your working hours are predictable, and your salary is predictable. Because of that, you can easily manage the time and your finance. There is no uncertainty and risk. You know when to work and how much you get certainly. It makes you easier to plan life.

Disadvantages of doing a job

Don’t receive the actual outcome.

You are working for someone, and your duty is to increase someone’s profit and make them rich. For that, you are exchanging your effort with certain money. Even you work hard, there will be no change in your life. But if you work hard, your boss will be more rich. This simply means you are just a worker who gets certain money and who work to increase someone’s profit.

High competition

The job market has high competition. To get a job, you may need a lot of qualifications. Also, when you are doing a job, your career only gets developed because of promotions. So you have to hunt for promotions. There is high competition to find a job and get a promotion.

No space to show your tactics

Unless you are a top-level manager, your tactics will not be acknowledged by others. All you have to do is follow someone’s order without thinking about its pros and cons. There will be no space to show your strategies and give new ideas. Because those are the responsibility of the upper level.Not yours.

Technology impacts

This is only applicable for the worker who are doing things that can be done by a machine, robot, or AI. With the improvements in technology, more organizations are trying to automate their process. Because of that, their job security is getting low from day by day.


Maybe you are new to the job. You all know it takes time to adjust to a new place. At this time, you have to face a lot of troubles from old employees. They may try to discriminate you and bullying you. This situation is most common for the newbies.

Rigid rules

If you are doing a job, you cannot work there as you wish. You have to follows the rules and regulations of the company even if you don’t like them and even if they don’t suit you. Maybe your regular lifestyle may get changed because of these rules and regulations.

Limitation for the development

You have to work hard to climb one step in the ladder. Your developments only get happens when you receive a promotion. Until then, your growth is stuck. So many people start their career as a lower-level employee and retire as the same. This means you will face a lot of limitations on your career development.

Occupational deceases

Jobs have low flexibility. Maybe you are working on a dangerous process that might harm you or maybe doing the same job for many years. Both can lead you to occupational deceases. Doing the same thing again and again for years and doing dangerous processes can lead you to the occupational deceases. These diseases can be physically or mentally.

advantages and disadvantages of doing a business

Advantages of doing a business

You can be your own boss.

Working under someone is not good for your happiness. Here you have started the business, and you are the owner. There is no one to give your orders, and you have to do work yourself. If employees are working under for you, you can give them the orders. You can play by your rules, and there are no restrictions for decision making. Because your business means your own kingdom.

Freedom to make decision

You are the boss, and you don’t need to ask from everyone, or you don’t need an order to make a decision. You can decide by yourself without any restrictions. There is no one to stop you. But make sure that your decision is always correct.

Can achieve your vision

Do you have a dream to become successful? So business is the best aid to make that dream come true. You can create a vision for your life and align that with your business. You can decide your future, your profits, and, most importantly, you are working for your own balance sheet. Not someone’s.

You will receive the goodwill for your hard work, and you can enjoy it by yourself.


You can choose the workplace,working hours, dress codes, rules,regulations, etc. Flexibility is too high. You don’t need to ask for leaves, holidays because you can do whatever you want.


Your hard works pay you because you are not working for someone’s balance sheet. You are working for your own balance sheet, and you can increase the profit by becoming more tactical and smart. There is no one to decide how much you earn at the end of the month, and also there is no limit to the profit you can make.

Job creation

If you are running a business, you can create jobs. Actually, it is beneficial for the economy. But let’s think about your family. There may be members of your family who don’t have a job. You can create jobs and join them to do those. This can also help to reduce your workload.

More experience

Becoming the owner means you get experience in all fields, including finance, economics, human resource, production, operations, etc. You gain the ability to experience everything in the business field. In the end, you will learn more things and become a person with good knowledge. Doing business is an excellent way to invest in yourself.

No one to fire you

There is no one to terminate you when you have done something wrong. You are the boss, and if you have done something wrong, you can correct it and start again. There is no one to blame you, fire you, discriminate you. You can enjoy that freedom. Your mental and physical health can be maintained at a good level.

Disadvantages of doing a business

Need finance

Without finance, you cannot start a business that lasts long. You will need to find finance to start up the business and run it. You may have to take loans, sell your private properties, and use those funds, etc. Without an excellent financial base, you cannot start a business. Also, you should be a person with the skills to handle finance well.

High risk

Doing business is more risky. Because there is no guarantee of profit. The success or failure always depends on you and your employees. Also because of that, and you will be more stressed. You may have to sacrifice your family time and engage with the hard work. You will feel more tired, and you may face the imbalance of family life and working life.

High stress

You are the owner, and the success of the business depends on your decisions. you have to think hundred times before making a decision, and it will lead to the stress. You don’t have fixed working hours, and because of that, you have to work without thinking about rest. Also, the responsibility of your family, your employee’s family will be on your shoulders. Those will lead to high stress.

The deadlines of the customers will also put pressure on your shoulders.


There are so many competitors in the market place. To win over them, you have to practice many new things, and you have to update your business with the technology. If they win, your business will collapse, and there will be no way to earn money and pay employees.

Imbalance of life

I have mentioned there is more time to get rest when you are doing business. But it can be turned to the opposite. The reason is you become the leader to the business, and the success depends on you. Sometimes you may have to work without a sleep to make your business successful. That may lead to reduce family time and create an imbalance in life.


All the factors of the macro business environment will affect you. There will be more rules and regulations that come from the external environment, and you will have to comply with them. All the external factors, including political, economic, social, technological, legal, ecological, demographic, and geographical factors, will affect your business.

Manage conflicts

If you have employees under you, you will have to think about their favor too. Otherwise, it will lead to conflicts. You will have to keep motivating them and resolving their issues again and again. This simply means you have to bear the responsibility of many people.

Job vs Business comparison

job vs business

I have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of both, and here I am going to compare those two using different factors. But we still can’t get a proper answer for the debate of job vs business by using the following factors.


  • Jobs are almost not having a risk. The only risk is termination.
  • Businesses have higher risks, and the owner has to bear those.


  • You don’t need investment to do a job.
  • But you need a good investment to start a business.


  • If you are doing a job, you will not receive a profit. You will receive a part of it, which we called a “salary.”Also its a fixed salary.
  • If you are doing business, you can enjoy all the profits yourself.


  • You have to have many qualifications to apply for a job.
  • But you don’t need any qualifications to start a business.

Motivation factor

  • Promotions, bonuses, rewards, etc become the motivation factor when doing a job.
  • But in a business, you will be motivated by the goodwill, profit, success, brand, etc


  • In a job, you have work to achieve your boss’s vision.
  • But doing business, you can achieve your own vision.


  • There are so many bosses, rules, and regulations to guide you when doing a job. It means there is low freedom.
  • But when you are running a business, you handle your own freedom. You can decide when to get a break.


  • Growth is limited when doing a job. Because only a promotion can develop your career.
  • But doing business can show you the path to growing in many ways.

Working hours

  • In a job, there are always fixed working hours.
  • But there is no limitation for working hours in business. It depends on your decision.

Final words for Job vs Business

Job vs business is a debate. But it is a debate that no one can win. Because no one can decide which one is good for all. Both have their own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to choose what is the best one.

One person can say the jobs are the best while someone is saying doing business is the best choice. We cant agree with them because choosing what best is depends on the attitudes of each person. Whatever the one you choose, try to be a better person in each filed.

I hope you got a clear understanding of the topic of job vs business and browse our site for more important topics like this.

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