How to make $100 per day online?

How to make $100 per day online?

Is it possible to earn $100 per day online? In the past physical jobs were very popular among the people. But when I come to the present day, people are moving to earn money online. Nowadays, making money on the internet is not a miracle. But still, so many people see this as a child play. But when you understand reality, you will understand that the internet is the best way to earn money easily.


I read an article that includes the best ways to earn money online. I have to say this. If you need to earn money online within a day, it won’t happen. Because it takes time to stabilize on the internet.Whatever the way you choose to make money online, always try to brand yourself. Because there will be no future for unbranded things on the internet in the near future.

Here I am going to provide you the ways to earn $100 per day. Maybe you can look at this as earning $3000 per month or $36500 per year. Whatever the way you look at it, these methods will work on you to earn what you expect. But keep in mind that e-money requires a lot of hard work and high commitment. If you are lazy, just forget about internet money.

This requires hard work and time, but eventually, you will be able to earn a top income with the internet. So let’s check these methods.

Make $100 per day online with Software development

You all know this method requires a knowledge of coding. But its a lie.

To develop software, you don’t need to have coding knowledge. But you need to have strategies and creativity. So this topic will help both software engineers and others. I am certain that, this can give you more than $100 per day.whether you have knowledge of coding or not, you can earn from this.

If you have coding knowledge, you can create software your self and sell it. If you don’t have coding knowledge, you can outsource the process and sell what the supplier makes. So what are the ways of earning through software? There are so many ways.

Top ways to earn money with software

In purchase services

You can sell your software as freeware, including in-app purchases. Let’s clarify it. You can issue a software which has standard features, and premium features. You can provide standard features for free while taking money for premium features.


This is suitable for mobile software. If you have software used by many people, you can display ads on it and earn money. Normally people use Admob, which associated with Google Adsense.

Direct sell

You can sell your software for companies and other users for money. It’s simple. You can make a website and promote the product via the website. But the customer needs to pay money to buy it. This is suitable for management software.

Affiliate marketing

People think affiliate marketing is only for websites. That’s not true; you can create software and sell related products and services thought the software.

Other methods

earn money with software

Make $100 per day online with a website or blog site

This takes time, but if you can create a brand through the website or a blog site, you don’t need another income stream to live. If you are good at web development, you can create a website using coding. If you are not, platforms like WordPress, Wix, and blogger will help you to build a website. Having a ranked website is like having a gold mine because we cannot count the ways of earning with a website or blog site. I have read an article about website ideas, and you can refer to that too. Here are the ways of earning.

Top ways to earn money with a website


You can display ads for the visitors and earn from it. When a visitor clicks on an advertisement, you will get paid. Normally people are using monetization platforms like Adsense,propeller ads, etc.

Affiliate marketing

You can sell affiliate products on your website. Each time a customer buys a product by clicking on a product on your site, you will get paid.

Pay per download

You can provide songs, books, movies, etc. and monetize with a pay per download platform. They will pay you each time a visit download something from your website.

Sell space

Nowadays, internet marketing has become very popular in business. So businesses are trying to market their product and services via the internet. They create advertisements and display them on the internet. Take that opportunity and give them the space to display their ads on your website.

Other methods

  • Email marketing
  • Sell own products
  • Selling tools and services
  • Offer premium services
  • Provide tutorials
  • Selling website
earn money with a website

These are some great ways to earn a passive income, and with this, you can make $100 per day online.

Make $100 per day online Ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is not about writing ghost stories. Ghostwriting is about writing for someone else. But you don’t get credit for the writing. You are only writing something for your client and getting paid for it. This is suitable if you have excellent imagination skills and writing skills. Everyone is busy these days, and they don’t have to write something on their own. Take that opportunity.

what is ghostwriting

People are looking for someone to write their articles, books, blog posts, etc. If you can market yourself to them, you can earn a lot. Here you need some skills before taking a job.

  • Grammar and spelling knowledge
  • Research knowledge
  • Knowledge about writing styles
  • Communication skills
  • Imagination
  • Creativity etc

In the past, it was tough to find a client who seeks ghostwriters. But when it comes to today, you can do that using freelancing platforms. There are so many platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, Freelancer which can help you to find a client.

What you have to do is market yourself. Don’t write some copied things. Understand the ideas of the customer and use your skills to give what the client expects. The best way to market your self is via a portfolio website. You can create a paid or free portfolio website that includes your details, your qualifications, and samples. This will help the customers to decide whether you are right or not.

This earning method only requires some simple skills, which I mentioned above. Those are not rocket science. Anyone can practice those skills without trouble. With this, you can easily make $100 per day online.

eBay selling

There are two ways of eBay selling. One is direct selling, and the other one is dropshipping. Normally direct selling can give you more value than dropshipping.

best online selling sites

Direct selling

Here you sell your own product via eBay. This is the best method to brand yourself and brand your product if you are a producer. eBay offers a platform to sell thousands of items, and you can select the category which suits you. The advantage is, you can market your brand name worldwide, and you can enjoy the full profit. The disadvantage is, you have to bear all costs relating to the production and selling. If you are not in a position to produce a product and sell them directly, you can use the other method.


Here you don’t need to produce something or sell directly. This has the same techniques as affiliate marketing. Here you select a good seller and sell his products via your account. Each time you make a sale, you can receive a commission. The best advantage of dropshipping is you don’t need to bear production cost and selling costs etc. But the bad thing is you don’t receive the total profit. You can only get a commission, which is lower than the profit.

Whatever the method you use, this will be a great way to earn money without working hard. You can get the payments via a PayPal account.

eBay is not the only place to earn money like that. There are so many market places like aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

If you don’t like to sell on a marketing place like eBay, you can start a website and sell it there. But you have to be more careful about the marketing part and the SEO part.

Graphic designing and video editing

Graphic designing and video editing are two ways of earning money. You can use both ways, or you can select what suits you most. But I am going to discuss both under one topic.

Nowadays, social media marketing, content marketing has become very viral among people. People are moving from text content to visual content. That’s an opportunity for designers. But you can’t do this quickly because there is high competition in the market. The main reason is, it is easy to learn graphic designing and video editing. Because of that, so many designers are stepping into the market.

To face that competition, you can be strategic. You have to give more than others to the customers. It means you have create more value in your service. For that, you can use different features like fast delivery,money-back guarantee, unlimited revisions, etc. Always try to give what others don’t provide. That’s how we can compete with other sellers.

You can use Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc. to find customers worldwide, or you can just promote your service locally and get orders. Whatever the way you use, always try to brand your name and service.

I read an article about Fiverr, and you can refer to that too.

Make $100 per day online with Reselling rights

selling plr products earn $100 per day online

This is different from selling royalties. Here you can earn money thought reselling rights using the main two methods.

One is you can find out PLR(Private label right) products and resell them in your website. It’s the same as affiliate marketing. Here you can earn a commission when someone buys these products.

The second method is, you can convert PLR products to unique products and resell them on your website. Here you can earn a profit.

Before earning from this, you have to have a good understanding of the types of rights.

  • Person use rights
  • Basic resale rights
  • Master resale rights
  • Full master rights
  • Private label rights
  • Unrestricted private label rights

Usually, private label rights products are the most flexible once that suits you. Because those are allowing us to modify them and sell them as our own product. Here you can sell the products individually or as packages.

Try to build your customer can select a good niche which has a good demand and create a customer base on that.this is an excellent way to earn money fast, if you have excellent knowledge about the market and rights.

Social media marketing

This is a huge trend in the business world. As I said before, more businesses are moving from text content to visual content. They are doing social media campaigns to promote their businesses. In earlier days, enterprises are used to do those campaigns by themselves, but when it comes to nowadays, they are focusing on outsourcing social media campaigns.

This is an excellent opportunity for you if you have a clear knowledge of marketing, social signals, audience, etc. Also, they will ask you to prepare a graphic for them and describe those via social media. So it will be great if you have knowledge of graphic design.

The advantage is you can easily find customers if you can prove that you have done amazing social media campaigns for others. If one of your social media campaigns gets viral, the other companies will try to find you and give their orders too. And the best thing is, you have to spend your life surfing on social media. It will be a great experience and a great way to make $100 per day online.

Buying and selling domains

According to my knowledge, flippa provides the best platform to buy and sell domains. You can easily find out new or used domains for a low price, and you can sell those to the customer for a high price. Yes, you need an investment to do this. But if you have excellent knowledge about domain names, that investments will be covered within a few days.

You need to have good knowledge about the demand for domain names. Selling domain names is not about just buying a domain which has the words you like and sell them. This includes researching the names that people are looking for. If you can buy a good domain name before the customer, you can sell that domain to that particular customer for a high price.

Normally “.com” domains, “edu” domains, and “org” domains have a high price. Always try to buy domains that have those TDLs.This is also a great way to earn money fast.

Final words

I have mentioned eight ways to make $100 per day online. I know there are so many methods. You can also refer my other articles to get a clear idea about earning money online. There are thousands of ways to make money online.

You are going to face a huge emoney trend. So try to learn about those from today onward. These are not child play, but these are the things even a child can perform. Always try to be smart than others.


Saying about me. I am a freelancer who provides video editing service and virtual assistant service. The rest of the time, I am a blogger who has many blog sites, which includes different income stream methods. Also, I am an online tutor who shares videos through youtube, and I am still 24 years old. Age doesn’t matter for making money online. Age online matters when you are doing an 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Read my other articles about life hacks, business hacks, and money hacks. Have a great day.

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