Building a relationship is easy. But maintaining it, is hard. To maintain a healthy relationship, there should be a commitment between both parties. If your relationship flows like the same and there’s nothing new, obviously, one or both parties will be fed up and leave. So, to make a relationship happening, relationship building activities are essential. Even you are fed up with your relationship and looking forward to divorce, these activities will change your mind. Becoming a good husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend is not hard. It takes commitment. Follow these relationship building activities to make your relationship last longer and interesting.

Relationship building activities

Avoid technology

With the development of new technology, many couples are facing issues. For example, some people get addicted to mobile and do not have time for their lovers. If you want to maintain a good relationship, keep away your gadgets when you are with your lover. Most importantly, never bring your mobile to the food table and bed. Bed and food table is the main two places that most couples discuss. So, do not interrupt the discussion with your gadgets.

Do something new together.

This is the best thing that can make your relationship strong. Find something new for both of you. When you both are facing that new thing, there will be good communication and teamwork. It makes your relationship more exciting and stronger. Suppose you both are newbies in playing cricket. Just get a bat and ball and play together. These small things can make them better.

This is an excellent way for married couples as well. When you are making love on the bed, try something new. Try new positions and do role plays. Make your sex life more enjoyable. When I say, “do something new,” it includes everything you both are newbies at.

Plan the fun

This is a good relationship building activity that you can practice. Just find free time for both you and your partner. Get two paper and two pens or pencils. Ask your partner to write activities to have fun on his/her paper. Then you write yours on your paper. After writing them, exchange the list and discuss the list. Then create the main list by adding possible activities according to both you and your partner’s preference. Okay, now you know what to do from tomorrow. Make sure to write fun activities that cost less. Otherwise, it will be worse when the activities don’t match together.

Maintain eye contact

Eyes explain what we think. When we are listening to someone without eye contact, it means we are not listening actively. Many couples get into fights because of wrong eye contact. Imagine when you are telling something important to your partner, and he/she is looking away. Obviously, you will get angry. So as a good relationship building activity, practicing eye contact takes an important place. When you are talking with the lover, always focus on his/her eyes. It creates trust.

Decide together

We all face issues, and we all seek solutions for them. When you have someone on your side, it means you don’t need to face everything alone. Whether you are married or not, try to find solutions for the issues together. It’s a simple but important relationship building activity that can make everything better. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, ask your partner to meet you. Then sit together and find solutions together. Always remember, togetherness creates a foundation for everlasting relationships.

Set common goals

It’s okay to have different goals in your careers. But try to find some additional targets and set goals for them. Then try to achieve them together. For example, if you both like to buy a car, work together to buy a car. Contribute to that goal together. Just find what you are both interested in and set goals accordingly. When there are common goals, togetherness gets strong.

Appreciate the effort

Hate is born inside a relationship when there is no appreciation. So, appreciating the effort your partner makes is a great relationship building activity. Always appreciate and give fair feedback about the effort your partner makes. It can make him/her happier and love you more and more.

Relationship building activities

Don’t stop dating

When people get married, they give up all their dating habits. It’s harmful to your marriage. Never stop dating even you are married. Just visit the places where you met your partner, where you or your partner proposed, where you got first kiss etc. Refresh your romantic memories, and it will help to love your partner as same as before. This is one of the best relationship building activities.

Honesty hour

This is a great relationship building activity to make your relationship more interesting. Find an hour that both you and your partner are free. Sit face to face and tell everything that is bothering you. If you do not love your partner anymore, just tell him/her directly. Honestly, an hour is the best time to expose your deepest secrets to your partner. Use it well, and don’t hide anything.


Volunteering is a great way to invest in yourself and a way to build a strong relationship. Find some charitable activity or society and join it with your partner. When coupes do volunteer services as a team, it creates a strong bond between them. After volunteering, discuss what you both have done and next plans on volunteering.

Spend time with healthy couples

Find healthy and romantic couples and visit them. Take their ideas that they use to make their relationship happening. Compare to find what you are missing and what you both do more than them. It will help to keep your relationship more interesting.

Keep intimacy

Love is a wonderful creation of nature. It can save someone from stress, sadness, depression. One lovely hug can fade sadness away. So intimacy is not all about sex. Sex is just a way you use to keep intimacy. There are some other ways like kissing, cuddling, hugging to keep intimacy. Practicing intimacy is an excellent way to maintain an everlasting and happy relationship.


There are multiplayer games available on platforms like android, IOS, windows, etc. You can play such games with your partner to spend your leisure time. You can choose you, partner, as a team member or a rival. In both cases, you both can be happy together. So, playing games together is a great way to make your relationship strong.

Couple games

I am not going to discuss this. Watch this video and click the link to find out the best couple games.



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