Sometimes you may wonder why do companies struggle to grow? Since they have to grow from a lower base, lower-ranked companies must grow faster than the market as a whole. This is not true, though. Low growth needs to be carefully looked at to find out what’s really going on, and then the problem needs to be fixed. 

There are a lot of reasons, like people leaving, not having enough good people, not having a good marketing plan, not having stable leadership, the promoters not having enough patience, not working on the basics, having a sour product mix, a flawed distribution system, alarming sales projections, not putting enough attention on developing people, etc.

Why It’s So Hard For Businesses To Grow?

The economy is not great for new businesses right now. Even though everyone says, the recession is “over,” many small businesses still struggle to stay open, let alone increase their sales and profits.

Top 5 Reasons For Struggling With The Company’s Growth And What You Can Do About It

Small and medium-sized businesses face many problems, and it is undeniable that most start-ups fail. There are many reasons why companies have trouble growing and, in the end, fail. 

Here are five common causes and what you can do to turn your struggles into opportunities for growth.

Challenges for Leaders

One of the top Reasons To Why Companies Struggle To Grow is Challenges for Leaders

As your company or firm grows and you hire more people, you’ll need more people with leadership skills. As a business owner, you need to make sure you spend more time working on your business than working in it. If you don’t change how you run your business, it will be hard to get everything done.

How do you deal with this problem?

You’ll need to make sure you’ve hired the right people for your team and given them the right tasks. You won’t be able to work the same way you did when you first started, and if you do, you’ll become the slowest part of your business, making it harder to get your products or services to customers and make money.

Other solutions include leadership mentoring, coaching, and training to learn how to use people skills in your organization and create a positive, healthy culture that encourages growth.

Not enough difference and value

One of the top Reasons To Why Companies Struggle To Grow is Not enough difference and value

Unless your business is very niche, you probably have to compete with many other companies that offer similar services. If you don’t have a strong important proposition that makes your products or services stand out, you won’t be able to do well.

How do you deal with this problem?

  • You need to pay attention to a few things here if you want your business to do better.
  • The first step is to figure out what your company is for
  • Why is it there?
  • What’s different about your business?

You need to look closely at the industry, the market, and your competitors to find out what is being offered, how it is being offered, and what is working and what is not working. Then, use that lens to look at your business and determine where and how you can set it apart. This will really help you in figuring out how to give your customers a strong value proposition.

It would help if you also got your name out there. It would be best if you had a company name, a logo, a tagline, and a set of colors that make your business look good and will be used in your marketing plan. This makes it clear to all current and potential customers what your brand is so that they will recognize it.

Lastly, it would aid if you had a marketing plan that shows your purpose, is based on your value proposition, and uses all the channels your customers use to show off your company and its unique solutions.

Lagging Customers’ Needs

One of the top Reasons To Why Companies Struggle To Grow is Lagging Customers' Needs

Businesses also get stuck when they stop paying attention to what their customers need now and in the future. Your customers are not static people; their lives are constantly changing, and so do their needs. If you don’t keep up with these changes, if not get ahead of them, your products will no longer be valid, and your customers will go to your competitors.

How do you deal with this problem?

Here, it’s essential to look at both local and global trends.

To stay in touch with your customers, you can also do surveys and market research. With the spread of global digitization, you will be able to set up low-cost research solutions that can give you accurate answers to your customers’ needs.

A good Customer Relationship Management tool will also be helpful in this case.

There are several CRM tools that you can use in your business to stay in touch with what your customers want quickly and easily.

Business models that don’t make money

One of the top Reasons To Why Companies Struggle To Grow is Business models that don't make money

Even if you have a great business idea, you won’t be successful unless you have a profitable business model based on a solid business plan in a booming market segment.

How do you deal with this problem?

The initial step is to learn about the industry and other businesses.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to make your business plan as a whole. It would be great if you wrote down your business plan. If you want to get funding, you need to show a complete business plan. If you are expanding and growing, you will need a business plan to guide the business based on the strategic goals you have set. Keeping the program “in our heads” will not work.

Your business plan should include a financial forecast based on solid assumptions about how much money you’ll make; a plan for how you’ll make money.

Marketing Operations Figure out what risks could happen and how you will deal with them.

Describe your business’s most important milestones and how you will measure success.

Poor Financial Management

This is part of what it illustrates to “know your numbers,” and it’s essential to your success.

How do you deal with this problem?

You should always know where your money is and how to get to emergency funds if you need to. And also, you will have to handle cash flow, taxes, payroll, and expenses.

You should first keep your personal and business finances separate, no matter how big your business is.

Then, think about using accounting software for professional services like QuickBooks or Xero to keep track of your money and make profit and loss statements (P&L). This is important if you want to know where your business stands at all times and keep making money.

If you don’t have any idea to do this, you might want to hire a business financial advisor or a bookkeeper or accountant to help you manage your money.

Keep in mind that if half of the new businesses fail, half of them also succeed.

It’s both exciting and stressful to start and grow your own business. To be successful, you need a good business plan that gives your target market-relevant solutions through a good business model that is also good for the budget.


Why don’t companies grow?

You don’t have a plan for your business and how to market it. Operating without a written plan is sure to keep things the same or worsen things. Your competitor’s best friend is your lack of planning, which is also why your growth has slowed down.

What keeps businesses from getting bigger?

The maturity of a market can also slow a company’s growth. Over time, markets settle into more predictable patterns as buyers get to know certain brands and stick with them. As the market gets more crowded, prices tend to level out over time, making it harder to grow by raising prices.


Sometimes, you may have an idea about why do companies struggle to grow. After a careful look at the facts, mid-sized companies will be able to grow faster than the market and help the industry grow even more.

It’s not that the current leaders aren’t doing it, but in the end, the companies have to do well and show decent growth. The growth of companies ranked 50 or higher will move the industry forward and give people many opportunities in the future. Given the state of our economy, this is what we need right now.

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