What are soul ties? Soul ties can be defined as spiritual connections between two people. Most people say soul ties are formed due to the psychical relationship between people. But even emotional, social, and spiritual relationships result in developing soul ties between people. In this article, we will discuss; what is a soul tie, how to break soul ties, types of soul ties, and frequently asked questions.

What is a soul tie?

As mentioned earlier, soul tie can be defined as a spiritual connection between two people. Earlier, people believe the sexual relationship between two people develops those ties. Afterward, it was found that even a child, parents, and other people have these types of relationships. Bible has given many definitions for soul ties since this concept is mainly used among Christians.

When there is a strong tie between two people, It takes time to lose that tie even the relationship ended. Because that bond has bound them in the deep. There are a few types of soul ties.

Types of soul ties


Soul ties developed through physical relationships between people are called psychical ties. Sometimes these bonds become healthy, and sometimes those are toxic. These ties can be formed between parents, married couples, kids, people outside the family, etc. Hugging, kissing, having sex, rubbing on the back, etc can lead to performing these ties.

Most people end up with toxic relationships because this physical connection bounds them. Once they are bound up, it is too hard to go back. Even if a person knows that a relationship is toxic, it’s too hard to break up from that relationship.


Human beings are social creatures. We become friends with people; we share our feelings. Sometimes we end up having a psychical relationship with them. Social soul ties are formed between people in society. We make these through friendships and harmony. Sometimes these ties help develop peace among the community, and sometimes toxic social soul ties can be created.

As an example, ties between people with a terrorist mind might end up destroying society. Also, some social ties may lead you to have unsecured sex outside the marriage.


When we share our experiences and feelings with someone, emotional soul ties are formed. These are too hard to break even if it hurt us. Some emotional soul ties help, encourage, protect us during our ups and downs. Furthermore, some ties try to manipulate our feelings and our behaviors through our attachment to them. Even we know some ties are toxic, we find it hard to let that go because we have bound in the deep.


Spiritual soul ties come into our life with knowledge, skills, and intelligence. These ties have both pros and cons. For example, one person might come into your life and teach you about drugs and harmful alcohol. You quickly adapt this knowledge since you are not aware of them. One day that person might leave by making you a drug-addicted person. So be careful when making ties spiritually.

Soul tie symptoms

soul ties symptoms

Soul ties make our relationships harder to break. Even, we are aware that bonds might hurt us, we can’t forget that easily. So better be careful when making a relationship with people. A bad relationship can ruin your life, and it will take more time to recover.

When a person has a soul tie with someone, he/she is thinking, dreaming about that person. Furthermore, he/she might hear the voice of that person. These are the primary symptoms that elaborate that you are in a relationship. Additionally, you might feel you should never give up on that person even that person didn’t treat you well. As mentioned first, these bonds are hard to give up.

Signs of toxic soul ties

  • You might experience that you have addictions, sicknesses the same as the person you are in a relationship with. For example, if you are tied with a drug-addicted person, you might experience those practices in your life.
  • When the person you are tied with only makes psychical contacts with you. As an example, one person might use the other one to fulfil his sexual desires.
  • When you cannot decide alone, and other person is trying to manipulate your behaviours to harmful actions.
  • If you are not capable of forgetting the person you tie with, even you had left the relationship a long time ago.
  • When other person’s negative traits are trying to bind with your personality. As an example, maybe you were a kind person a long time ago. But now you are full of hatred.
  • When you destroy some crucial relationships to defend a person you are tied with.

As long as there is a bad side, we must know how to break soul ties.

How to break soul ties?

  • Awareness is the first part. You should understand that you are in or you were in a toxic relationship that can destroy your life. Appreciate yourself for understanding the type of relationship. Accept that you cannot change the past, but you can change your future. There is no point in defending or getting stuck in a toxic bond.
  • Destroy psychical memories. If that person has given you gifts, now it’s time to destroy them. Destroy everything that can remind you that you were in a soul tie with a toxic person. Delete phone numbers, messages, photos, and everything related to that person.
  • Change your mind. Maybe you were in a position of not giving up on that person. Renounce that statement and give up on that person. Most people are ties with toxic people because they have vowed never to give up. When relationships are unhealthy, there is no point in keeping vows.
  • Forgive that person. Even this is difficult; it can make an end to your suffering. Consult a therapist and get advice on how you should manage your feelings about that person. Make yourself busy and engage with new relationships to forget the bad memories. These simple things that can break your ties even it takes time.



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