Fiverr is a popular platform among digital service providers and digital service buyers. It offers a platform to sell different skills and buy various services. The services which provide on Fiverr called gigs. Starting from 5$ to $10,000, buyers can buy a service, or sellers can sell a service. The sellers in Fiverr are called as freelancers.

In this article, I am giving a full guide for the sellers who want to start selling on Fiverr. Also, I will provide some essential Fiverr SEO tips in this article. If we want an active income, Fiverr is a great way to make money online.

Fiverr jobs

Sellers can sell different services. Based on the skills you have, you can select one more service to sell on Fiverr. All of those services are categorized under the following categories.

Fiverr jobs

It’s not a requirement to sell only one service. You can select multiple, and the Fiverr offers limitations for gigs. We will discuss that later. Okay, let’s get started.

Creating an account

It’s not hard to create an account. It’s the same as creating an account on other sites. Keep in mind that only the registered users with complete accounts can sell on Fiverr. You can create an account by using an email and a strong password.

Creating gigs

what is fiverr

After creating an account, Fiverr will ask you to create a gig. Based on your skills and service you choose to offer, you can create gigs. But there is a limitation for the number of gigs that can be created based on the seller level. We will discuss seller levels later. When you are creating a concert, you will have to fill the following fields.

Please read the Fiverr SEO topic before creating a gig.


The title means the service you offer. Make sure to write a short and precise title that can attract people.

Ex:- I will create an excellent video within 24 hours.


If you offer a video editing service, your category will be video and animation, and your subcategory will be video editing. This means, based on your title, Fiverr detects the most appropriate type for you. But you have to select the subcategory carefully. Otherwise, your gig will appear in a different place.

Search tags

Tags describe your gig in one or two words. We usually use the right short tail keywords here. Please read my Fiverr SEO topic before adding tags to a gig.

When a person searches for a service to buy, he may type some words on the search box. If we have that word he typed on our tags list, our gig will appear to him.

As an example, if a person typed “video editing” on the search box, our gig will appear to him if we have a “video editing” tag on our search tag box.


Here we have to set prices and Gig packages. If we only sell one package, we can use only one price. If we are willing to offer different service packages under different packages, we can create gig packages.

Here first we have to set a name for our packages. If we have only one package, we can use names like “Standard or Basic”.If we have more than one package, we can use the following titles.

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Basic or
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

After that, we have to add a small description for that package. The important thing is when buyers try to buy one of your gigs, the first thing he sees is this description. So make sure to make this description clear and short.

Then we can add a price starting from $5, and you can select any price you like. Then you start adding the things that you offer for that price. Fiverr gives the choices, and you have to put a tick on them.

What is the gig extras? Gig extras mean the extra services you wish to sell for an additional price under a particular package. For example, if you offer a service to deliver a video in 2 days for $10, you can add an express delivery of 24 hours for an additional $10.

Description and FAQ

This gives an introduction to the gig. Make sure to add a friendly description here. The description must describe the gig and services you offer and your qualifications. Never copy the description from someone and paste here because the Fiverr team will detect it.

Add some frequently asked questions to make the buyer more knowledgeable about your service.


When a buyer brought a gig, the first thing he must do is sending the resource files and other things you asked them to provide. So write everything you may need to provide a particular service. Your service time will not start until the buyer submit all the requirements.

As an example, if your gig is about video editing, you can ask the buyer to provide footages, logos, voice-overs, images, etc.

So make sure to add everything you may need.


The gallery is an essential part of raking a gig. Even the Fiverr team recommends the following things.

One is, adding eye-catching gig images. Fiverr says adding a right image can increase the engagement.

The other one is adding a gig video. Gig video must be attractive and engaging. Usually, a gig video increases the engagement rather than gig images. I will discuss further in the Fiverr SEO topic.

Custom offers

After creating the gig or gigs, you can select whether you only provide the packages you mentioned in the gigs or whether you accept an additional offer, which comes with a buyer request or on a conversation with the buyer.

It means if a buyer asks for a service that you didn’t mention in your packages, it is a custom offer. You can decide to accept it or not. But I recommend approving all custom offer to get a good ranking on Fiverr. But usually, the direct orders have a significant effect on your rankings.

Seller dashboard

The Seller dashboard provides all details about the gig statistics, level requirements, earnings, Rates.

Seller levels

This shows your current levels on Fiverr, and there are mainly four levels.

  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Top rated

This image will show you how you can level up buying achieving different requirements and the benefits you will receive from levelling up.

seller levels

Response rate

This gives a percentage for your replies against inquires in the last two months. It means the degree of your answers to the inquiries. When you are replying to the customer’s messages as soon as possible, this rate gets increased. It is good to keep a 100% response rate.

Order completion

The percentage of how many orders you have completed during the last two months. When you cancelled an order, this rate gets decreased. Better to keep it in 100%.

On-time delivery

This indicates the percentage of orders delivering time. If you delivered the order within time, you could keep this as 100%. When you get late, this rate gets decreased.


This shows the average reviews in your account. It usually goes from 0 to 5 points, and it is best to keep it as 5. When your delivery is terrible, or your work is awful, the buyer can put a bad review. It decreases this point, and it will harm the ranking.


This shows your balance, average earning, pending balance, and balance withdrawal.


This shows the total page views.


This shows how many times your gig appeared on the home page, search, category page, and user pages.

Social clicks

How many times people click on your gig on social media. This rate gets increases when you promote your gigs using social media.


This shows how many times people click into your gig directly.


This shows the number of orders that you received based on the clicks.

Managing orders

There are different types of orders.

In progress

These are the orders that are still not delivered and even in progress.


The order has been delivered to the customer but not approved.


You can reject orders that come directly due to some reasons. Those rejected once are appeared in here.


When a delivery took time rather than the specified time, the order will appear in this section. Typically orders appear here after 24 hours from the delivery date.


Seller or buyer can cancel an order due to personal reasons. So all cancelled orders appear in here.


Even you deliver the service, the customer may not be satisfied. When he is not happy, he can ask for a revision. In revision, you have to recheck the service and correct it if there any mistakes.


The orders appear in here when the buyers doesn’t submit the requirements. Also, the time will not be counted for the orders that appear in here.


When you deliver the order to the customer, and when the customer approves the order, that particular order will appear here.

Withdrawing funds

You can withdraw your money via Paypal or Payoneer card or Payoneer account. It usually takes 14 days to withdraw the funds after completing an order. But it takes only seven days to withdraw funds for top-rated sellers. It’s based on trust. You can only withdraw once for 24 hours.

Fiverr pro

Sellers that are picked by the Fiverr team are called as Fiverr pro sellers. They enjoy vast benefits, including higher prices, fast payments and clearance time, etc. They usually are considered as the professional on each digital services. If you want to be a Fiverr pro, you have to upgrade your levels and fill an application. But the Fiverr team has the total responsibility to select a pro.

Skill tests

Some may say doing skills tests can increase the ranking. But it is wrong. Doing and completing a skill test only improve the trust of the buyer against you. Also, when applying to some subcategories, doing a skill test is compulsory. It’s not mandatory for all subcategories except for some specific subcategories.

Online courses

If you have limited knowledge of the service you provide, you can buy a course and learn from it. Also, you can sell the courses only if the Fiverr team approves you.

Fiverr SEO tips

This is an essential part of this article. Never post a gig without reading the following. When doing an SEO for Fiverr, we have to concern about many areas, and I will show those areas and tips to use there.

Profile description

  • Make a clear introduction about yourself
  • Make it short
  • Add some qualifications you have
  • Mention your previous works
  • Start with HI, HEY or something friendly

Gig title

When writing a gig title, always showcase that you are the fastest service provider, and you provide the lowest price.

Ex:- I will edit you video within 24 hours for 5$

The main aim of the buyers is to get a fast and efficient service. So give them what they have. Buyers are busy in the real world, and they need freelancers to do their works. So be punctual in gig title and show that you are the fastest.

Gig tags

First of all, find some suitable keywords relevant to your service using tools like ahref, semrush,ubersuggest. Then put then on the box. Make sure the keywords are precisely matching the service you offer.Otherwise, your gig will not appear when a buyer searches a service you provide.

Gig Images and Video

As I mentioned before, adding attractive images and a video is so important. Because it increases the buyer engagement with the gig. Videos have a high effect than the pictures because when a person clicks your gig, the first thing he sees is gig video. So make it more attractive and make it engaging.

Being online

This is the best SEO tip for Fiverr. Always be online on Fiverr because there is a filter in the search box to find online sellers. If the buyer needs a quick service, he may filter the online sellers and contact them. So always be online. But never use bots to keep the Fiverr account an active one.

Buyer request and messaging

When a buyer could find the best seller or when the buyer doesn’t have the time to find a seller, he can send a buyer request. That particular buyer request appears to all sellers under the specific category. Make sure to submit offers for all buyer requests.

When it comes to messaging, you have to follow some rules. The main thing is never to share your private information on messaging. It will be considered a rule violation. Also, never use the names of websites, people unless you are providing a service that required to send the names of sites.

When sending a buyer request and message, I have founds some particular vital points to be added.

  • Always start with Hi, Hello and the buyer name (Ex:- Hi jack)
  • First paragraphs, state that you have read the buyer request entirely, and you have the idea.
  • The second paragraph, mention your plan for the project.
  • In the third paragraph, state the prices, services you wish to offer.
  • Finally, end with saying thank you and your name.

Social media marketing

When you created a gig, get its link and share it on social media like Facebook, youtube, twitter. This can increase the social click. Share in on the website that relevant to your service.

So with that, we have done the Fiverr SEO part. As you see, it is not hard to get ranked on Fiverr.Dedication and commitment are the must. So this the end of our guide, and you can comment on any question that you have about Fiverr.



What is out of office mode means?

If you can’t provide the service for a period, you can set out of office mode. It will temporarily deactivate your gigs and temporarily remove your gigs from the pages. When you return on the date you specified when setting out of office mode, the gigs will automatically reactivate, and it will appear on pages.

But I don’t recommend to use it.

Fiverr vs. Upwork. What is better?

fiverr vs upwork

Fiverr alternatives

Can I get money back on Fiverr?

Yes. Fiverr offers a specific time to refund via PayPal or Payoneer.

What are the Fiverr charges?

  • 20% from sellers
  • 20% From tips that sellers receive
  • From buyers, it $1 up to orders values $20.
  • After $20 ,its 5% from buyers

Is Fiverr safe?

Fiverr is safe for the buyers as well as for the sellers. A specialized team monitors all the activities, and illegal things are prohibited.

How do I get my first job on Fiverr?

The more you send offers for buyer requests and the more you do the Fiverr SEO, you will get a job.

Is Fiverr free to join?

Yes, Fiverr pro and Fiverr is totally free to join.



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