Youtube to WAV

Youtube to WAV

We can convert Youtube to WAV using simple tools provided by the following site owners. WAV is a popular audio format used by the professional. To convert a Youtube video to a WAV file, developers have developed simple tools. All you have to do is, copy and paste the Youtube link you want to convert. The tool will do the rest.

What is WAV file?

WAV is an audio format created by Microsoft and IBM. Also, it is known as a file extension which comes under .wav or .wave.Here both extensions are referred to one audio type called WAV file. Normally WAV file is larger than other audio file formats. Because of that, it is known as uncompressed files. Professionals are the people who use WAV file for most cases in order to maintain quality.

What programs open WAV files?

WAV is a popular audio file format, and it is widely used all over the world. Because of that, all kind of programs has the capability to open a WAV file. Windows media player,iTunes, Quick time, Groove music, VLC are some examples for these programs. If you are a windows user or macOS user, you can play WAV files with the inbuilt programs. Only Linux users have to install third-party software to open a WAV file.

Youtube to WAV online converting

youtube to wav

Here I suggest top online converting sites to convert youtube to WAV online.


This is one of the best-converting sites for youtube. You can simply copy a link from youtube and paste here for conversion. This is fast and free services for visitors. This website also provides services like convert DVD to digital formats, reduce file sizes, Convert videos etc.

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This is also one of the top converting sites that can convert youtube to WAV. They also provide an application to use. Otherwise, you can convert what you want online for free.

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This site is also providing many online services like youtube to MP3, youtube to Mp4, Youtube to AVI, Youtube to MKV etc.You can select any option from the bottom on the site and paste the link on the box that appears in the top of the website.

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This site also a popular and extremely useful one when it comes to converting youtube to a WAV file. It is totally free and reliable place for you. Just copy the URL from youtube and paste here. So the ListenToYouTube will redirect to its servers and provide what you want.

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So those are the top sites I recommend to you. Here I will answer the common questions that people have with WAV files.

Is WAV better than MP3?

As I said before, WAV files have higher quality.Because it has quality codings. Also, MP3 320 kbps is compressed and lossy. But WAV files are uncompressed and lossless. It means WAV files are not losing quality from the original recording. So accordingly WAV files are better than mp3 files. But mp3 320 kbps provides near-lossless compression. So both types are using by the professionals.

When can we use WAV files?

Use WAV files for radio, tv, DVD or other media which required a high uncompromised audio quality. We usually use mp3 for the media related to the internet.

Which WAV format is best?

I recommend you to go with 44,100 kHz and 24 bits(Minimum)

What are the disadvantages of WAV files?

The main disadvantage is, it consumes more space than mp3 files. Because of that, you may face problems when uploading WAV files to the internet. Also, when we are converting another audio format to WAV, may not give you the best sounds.

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